Packing for Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour

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Everest Base Camp Trek, shortened to EBC trek, is one of the most well-known itineraries in the world, not only famous for its spectacular landscapes, but also for the unique adventurous experience, which attracts tens of thousands of travelers to join in its special adventures. It will be a great achievement if you as a tourist can fulfill the whole EBC journey and reach the destination. But do not feel ashamed if you fail because it is a tremendous challenge for every tourist who has never been to there. Therefore, it is obvious that visitors are supposed to be well-prepared before their tours begin, and realize what they should pack to deal with the varied Tibetan weather conditions, dining issue, and unexpected incidents.

Required Documents

For every international traveler who plans to enter Tibet, Tibet Travel Permit is necessarily carried. This document is what you can obtain before you come into Tibet, and usually, it will be checked out in many places of Tibet. Besides, tourists have to make sure that they take along their credit cards and passports. If they decide to take an EBC trek, Aliens’ Travel Permit and the Military permit are also needed, which are issued when they stay in Lhasa.


A suitable backpack is the first thing that tourists should consider to select. To contain more luggage, people are likely to choose the largest one for hiking, which is what we do not recommend. Actually, a middle-size backpack is enough to take your clothing and other equipment. Although you have to bear the backpack trekking for around 4days, there are many parts of routes on which you take a vehicle rather than walking. So the biggest backpack would take up much room on a car and might be a burden while you are hiking.


As we all know that Mount. Everest is snow-capped over years. Therefore, warm clothes are required whenever you start your Everest Base Camp trekking tour. In summer, EBC is not as cold as Winter’s, but you should take a warm jacket as well since the temperature declines a lot at night. We suggest you bring T-shirts, sweaters, warm jackets, warm pants, and thermal underwear, and put on each of them at the same time. If you trek in winter, thick down jacket is also necessary to resist coldness. Trekking-type boots are also recommended for your EBC adventure.

It is helpful to provide tourists with energy if they take some snacks with high calorie. So tourists are suggested to carry snacks such as chocolates, cookies, dried meat strips and fruits, nuts and so on. Besides, bottled mineral water is also needed to protect visitors from dehydration effects.


It is better to ask a doctor if you are physically able to enter EBC before you start the journey, and take sufficient medicines since it is not easy to find the prescribed drug on Tibetan plateau. We highly recommend you to take a first aid kit which includes things such as band-aids, bandages, painkillers and medicines for altitude sickness, flu, headache or other diseases. Please remember to consult your doctor if you have had some illness and decide to take another medicine. It is a good way to avoid the side-effect of the drug.

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