How Hard is an Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour?

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Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world, is listed in the must-go places for many people. If you are a fan of adventure tours, you must have dreamed to make an Everest Base Camp Trekking tour, at least one time in a lifetime. But, for those who have no professional trekking skills, are always wondering if it is so hard to trek to Everest Base Camp. Because they think they need to climb Kilimanjaro. But actually, they don’t. After you adapt for the high altitude, it’s just a relaxing tour while enjoying the amazing scenery.


Why do I say that? Here are the reasons.


Firstly, you don’t need to climb the mountain. It’s named “Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour”, for which you don’t need crampons, or ropes, or any other technical types of equipment. The truth is, most of the parts are man-made staircases which are easy to walk. Even though some places are a little bit steep, but you could also get passed just with more caution. You can stop for a rest and eat some food as well, to enjoy a happy time with your friends and guide.


How many days do you need to finish an Everest Base Camp Trekking tour?

It usually takes 14 days to complete an Everest Base Camp Trekking tour from Kathmandu if you choose to fly to the mountain airstrip of Lukla and then fly out. And, of course, you follow the common route to Everest Base Camp. If you choose to start the trek from Jiri, or Phaply, or Saleri, it will take a longer time but you could enjoy the amazing scenery. You could have a few days rest in the small villages near Lukla, where you could get ready for your Everest Base Camp Trekking tour. So, if you ask how many days you need to finish the tour. It’s actually based on the time you have.

No matter which route you head for, for the first 4 – 5 days, you could tour Kathmandu, the famous Buddist city. After finishing the sightseeing tour, you will get over the jet lag and have a general understanding of Nepal.


Is It Physically Demanding for Finishing an Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour?

This might be one of the top three things that people want to figure out before trekking to Everest. If I must be very fit so that I can smoothly finish the tour? Well, you don’t really worry about it too much. During the 14 days, there are only a few days that you need to trek for five hours a day with a light pack. The trek is usually in the morning. And you could relax in the afternoon. To recover, and enjoy the stunning landscape on Everest. So, even you are just a common traveler without any trekking skills, you could finish the tour as long as you don’t have any cardiovascular, cerebrovascular or pulmonary diseases. Of course, the fitter you are, the better tour experience you will have.


The only problem is to face the altitude sickness. Check this article and find out how to deal with the high-altitude sickness.

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