Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking

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Tingri to Everest Base Camp route is one of the most well-known and popular routes for tourists who want to trek in Tibet. On this trekking itinerary, tourists are free to appreciate the most magnificent scenery of the world’s highest mountain, the Mt. Everest, and have enough time to explore the glaciers and local valleys. This journey could be amazing while it is a little bit complicated to draw up a detailed plan for tourists who have not ever been to Tibet. To make your dream of trekking in EBC come true, I would like to introduce the specific schedule about Tingri to EBC trek you absolutely have an interest in.

The Brief of Tingri to EBC Trekking

The Everest Base Camp trekking route is at the elevation around 5000m. The high altitude makes the journey thrilling with the fantastic landscapes and some danger that might happen in physical health. It often lasts four or five days, allowing tourists to take the trekking of 70km. Camping is a common way to spend nights, and tourists are required to carry food themselves.

Tour Schedule

1.Tingri to Lungthang

The EBC trekking starts from 5145 milestones situated at the west of the old Tingri.  Tourists walk through the Tingri plain moving towards the Cho Oyu Mountain. Along the path of Ra-chu Valley, a beautiful scene of the valley can be seen with a herd of cows and sheep wandering on the wide grassland.

When you arrive at the Mt. Everest Nature Reserve, the first thing to do is to buy the entrance tickets at the Tingri’s ticket center. Then you could enjoy a short journey towards the Che Village. There is still a one-hour way before you get to the checkpoint of Mt. Everest Nature Reserve.

From the Che Village, there is a broad road towards the Ra-chu Valley. After going through the Ra-chu Valley and Chholong Village, tourists could reach the first main destination of the Everest Base Camp Trekking which is the Lung Thang(4510m). It is easy to find an excellent campsite and take a rest.

  1. Lungthang to Lamna La

The Everest Base Camp Trekking is going to be arduous since tourists start to ascend to the Lamna La pass(5150m). Altitude sickness might occur so if you are not feeling good on trekking, stopping walking and have some rest is a wise choice. Along with the path, you can take a view of the majestic mountains including the Himalayas, Makalu and Everest, Cho Oyu and Shishapangma mountain. This is an incredible landscape that is definitely worthy of your efforts and sweat from the Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking.

  1. Lamna La to Zommug

When you get away from the Lamna La pass, you will encounter dramatic descent before you enter Zommug. In Zommug, you still can appreciate the scenery of Mount Everest and Gyachung Kang, and find a great campsite to spend a night.

  1. Zommug to Rongbuk

After passing through the Zommug, the next destination is Rongbuk(5000m) which is considered the gateway of Mount Everest because they are only several kilometers away. Not only the spectacular Rongbuk Glacier, but the solemn Rongbuk Monastery can be view in Rongbuk.

  1. Rongbuk to Everest Base Camp

From Rongbuk, there is an 8km road that heads for the dreamy Everest Base camp. With a ton of joy, you could explore the camp, look up to the world’s highest peak, and enjoy the success of the whole Everest Base Camp Trekking.



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