Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour for A Solo Traveler

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It’s July 2018 now. The best time to have an Everest Base Camp Trekking tour is from the late April to late June and from September to October. So, it means if you really want to visit this highest mountain in the world, you have to plan your Everest Base Camp tour from now on. Then you could catch the last bus of this year. Of course, it’s the best to have an Everest Base Camp Trekking tour with your good friends or family members. But what if you don’t have a companion? How to travel to Everest alone? Is it doable to have a trip to Everest from Tibet as a solo traveler?


Grand Everest


Here are three steps:


Step One. Plan your Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour at least two months in advance


Tibet is a special place not only because of its distinctive geographical conditions which make it show up with gorgeous landscape, but also the political and historical reasons which bring it a unique cultural atmosphere. Besides, according to the regulations, foreigners are not allowed to travel to Tibet alone. Here “alone” doesn’t mean a solo traveler but means could not travel without the accompany of a local guide. Thus, you need to plan your Tibet tours in advance, at least two months. Because you have to leave some time for obtaining the Tibet Visa/Tibet Permit.


Step Two. Book a tour with a Tibet tour company


Because of the same reason – foreigners must be escorted with a tour guide when traveling to Tibet. And must provide the Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet. Tibet Tourist Bureau doesn’t accept Tibet Visa application from individuals. And once a Tibet tour company apply for the Tibet Permit for you, it will take all the responsibilities for your behaviors in Tibet. That’s why there is no Tibet tour company will sell a Tibet Permit only without a tour. After receiving an advanced payment from you, the Tibet tour company will give the agreed tour itinerary along with the copies of your passport and China Visa to the Tibet Tourist Bureau. All the information will be printed on the Tibet Permit, including your name, passport number, the city before and after Tibet, places to go in Tibet, etc. It will charge an extra fee and cost extra time to revise if you want to change later.


Beautiful sunrise on Everest


Sept Three. Apply for your China Visa if you will enter Tibet from mainland China


I think when you searching online or communicating with the Tibet travel consultant, you will be advised not to mention Tibet during the China Visa application. Otherwise, it will be easily rejected. But why?

Here is the reason. The Tibet tour company needs your China Visa to apply for Tibet Permit. And if you tell the Embassy you will travel to Tibet, they may ask you to provide the Tibet Permit. It’s kind of a philosophical problem whether there is an egg first or a chicken first. So, you just tell them you are going to visit China. If they require more information about your trip, you can provide them your hotel’s information in mainland China, such as Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. Regarding the hotel bookings, please book the hotels that no need to pay the cancellation fees on the internet to get the booking confirmations. After that, you can cancel the hotel bookings which are not needed. Send the copy of your China Visa to the chosen Tibet tour company after you obtain it. And then, they will handle everything.


After you finish the above steps, congratulations! You are almost there! Just need to prepare for your trip to Tibet. Check the Packing List of Your Tibet Tours

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