An Amazing Everest Base Camp Tour

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I always have a dream of having an Everest base camp tour off climbing to the summit of the world. Standing at 8844.43 meters above sea level, Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world, and also the main peak of Himalayas.


My friends and I prepared a lot for this trip. We arrived at Shigatse a day before we went to the Everest to have an adjustment for the altitude change. We left at early 8.30 to sat on a cross-country vehicle which was arranged by a Tibet local travel agency.


There are two roads from Lhasa to Shigatse. The South Road is the original old road. From here, you can pass through the Yamdrok Lake and the Yanghu Power Station. Since we are looking forward to seeing the Everest, we decided to take the new road first after consulting with our tour guide.


Mt. Everest
Grand Everest


We arrived the old town of Tori before sunset and we lived in a hotel that was opened by a couple from Sichuan. The small hotel was very distinctive. The next day at 5 o’clock, we left when the sky was still dark. After completing the procedures at the checkpoint, there was no more asphalt road. Our vehicles struggled repeatedly on the gravel road for a long time. Suddenly, a pyramid-like mountain revealed among the clouds. We arrived at the Gaura Mountain Pass, the legendary snow-capped mountain viewing platform in the world! It is said that when the weather is good, standing on the pass, we can see four mountain peaks with an altitude of more than 8000 meters are closed in front of us. From left to right, it is the 5th highest peak of Makalu with an altitude of 8463 meters and the fourth peak with the height of 8516 meters above the sea level. If you look to the southwest, you can see the Shishabangma peak of the world’s 14th highest elevation of 8,027 meters. At that moment, we were all overwhelmed but excited with the spectacular view. There are 14 peaks in the world with an altitude of over 8000 meters, and we saw over half of them at one time, we were so lucky.


Not far away from the destination of our Everest base camp tour, we can see the Rongbuk Temple, which is the world’s highest temple. When arriving at the base camp, it is more prosperous than we expected. There were more tents than tourists and vendors selling souvenirs such as fossils. What attracts us is the Everest Post Office, which is the world’s highest post office and the most convenient post office. They have a scenic bus there to get the 5200 marker monument that was closer to Mount Everest.


sunset of Everest
Amazing sunset on Everest


The tent we stayed for the night was very windproof. The inside of the tent was heated with an iron stove to warm the yak dung. The smell was not that stinky, but the temperature rose up and fell down quickly. Because of the low air pressure at night, I could not sleep well.


During my stay in the Everest base camp tour, I heard many stories of people climbing the Everest, some of them climbed the summit successfully, while other people tried their best to climb for six times but failed.


Lying in the tent on Everest, I felt relaxed and happy I never experienced before. This Everest base camp tour will be the most valuable memory in my life.

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