Some Useful Tips for Tibet Everest Tour

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Q: Are foreigners able to travel to Tibet in February or March? To see the Losar Festival (Tibetan New Year) in person?

A: I am sorry to tell you that, according to the regulations, Tibet is closed for foreigners during mid-February to the whole March every year. Because of the extremely cold weather, which may not safe for travel. To be doubly sure, nearly all the Tibet tour companies will arrange tours after April 4th.


Q: How about the quality of accommodations in Tibet, especially in Everest Base Camp.

A: Tibet relatively lags behind other provinces in China. Thus, the quality of accommodation is not the same as in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu. So, please don’t expect too much on hotels in Tibet. After all, most of the people travel to Tibet for close to nature or for a luxury spiritual journey, not for good hotels.


Q: What if I got high-altitude sickness when I am having an Everest Base Camp Tour?

A: Regarding altitude sickness, please don’t worry about too much. We usually arrange first 2-3 days in Lhasa to adapt to the altitude change. A good rest can help you stand up to the altitude sickness as long as you have no cardiovascular or respiratory disease.

Besides, we always have the Oxygen tank & some medicines in the vehicle for emergency use. Meanwhile, your experienced Tibetan guide will take measures according to different circumstances. We’ll send you to the hospital if things keep worse.

High-altitude sickness


Q: How to enter Tibet from Nepal? Do I need to apply for China Visa in advance?

A: No, you don’t need to get the China Visa in your country in advance as you have to apply for the China Group Visa in Kathmandu. It requires your original passport and usually takes three working days. Please note that the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu only accepts the visa applications from 10:00~12:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Moreover, they’ll not work on weekends or holidays. Please arrange your time accordingly.


Q: What do I need to apply for the China Group Visa in Kathmandu?

A: For obtaining the China Group Visa, please prepare your original passport and two photos (passport photo size) with white background.


Q: Why are there no meals included in the tour price? And how much should I pay for food in Tibet?

A: Our travelers are from all over the world, and they have different tastes about the food. That’s why we usually don’t include meals (lunch and dinner) except for the breakfasts provided in some hotel. But, please no worries. Your tour guide will help you find the local restaurants to eat every day according to your preference. And it usually costs USD3-10 per meal.


Q: How to reach Kathmandu from Gyirong Border when I finish the Lhasa Everest Nepal Overland Tour?

A: We can ask our partner in Kathmandu to arrange the vehicle to pick you up at the border, which costs US$250 per jeep. You can also choose to take a bus to Kathmandu which costs only about US$40 per person (depending on your negotiation with the driver). But we suggest you take the jeep if your budget is not tight because the road condition is quite poor.

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