Top Five Attractions of an Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour

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Nowadays, more and more foreign travelers are planning to do a dreaming Everest Base Camp tour. That’s why the 8-day Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour becomes the hottest Tibet tour package sold by all the Tibet travel agencies. So, do you know what are the top five attractions of an Everest Base Camp trekking tour?


The amazing scenery of Mt. Everest

No. 1. Yamdroktso Lake

Lake Yamdrotso is not only one of the top three holy lakes in Tibet, but also the largest dammed lake in Tibet. It is 130 kilometers from the west to the east and 70 kilometers from the north to the south. If you view it from the sky, you will know why Tibetan people call it  “swan lake” or “Jade lake” as well. “Swan Lake” is because of its shape, winding like corals. It covers 675 square kilometers and the shoreline is 250 kilometers.

“Jade Lake” is because of the color of the water. With an elevation of 4,441 meters (14,570 feet), the water of Yamdroktso lake is amazing turquoise. And the color will change with the reflection of the light. From Gangbala Pass, you can have a bird’s eye view of Yamdroktso, which looks like a turquoise earing lost on the plateau from a fairy.

Tips: There are some Tibetan people offering the picture-taking service near the lake. Normally, USD1.5-2 for one photo. If you want to photograph the yaks or Tibetan mastiffs, you need to pay another USD3 to their owners. Please always ask for permission before taking pictures of others in Tibet.


Holy Lake Yamdroktso

No. 2. Everest Base Camp

No doubt to say, it’s the core part of an Everest Base Camp trekking tour. Every year, there are thousands of mountaineers from all over the world come to camp here for climbing Everest, the highest mountain on earth. The highlights are the sunset, sunrise, and the starry sky at night. Without saying anything, just stay calm with your friends or alone, you will feel an inner peace by watching the whole white world and the spectacular mountain.

Although there are not enough permanent buildings constructed here, you can have the basic accommodation in the tents area or guesthouse. We have an old world in Chinese, “the harder you get, the more you cherish”. So, a night at Everest Base Camp will bring you a wonderful experience which you will never forget.


1. It is too cold on Everest that the tents’ owners will move back home from late-October to next April. So, during this time, you can only stay at the guesthouse of Rongbuk Monastery. Don’t be disappointed. It’s the highest monastery in the world, from where you can get a very good view of Mt. Everest. So it’s considered as “the best viewing deck of Everest” in Tibet.

2. Please don’t expect too much of the tourist facilities on Everest Base Camp. You’d better bring spare batteries or power banks to support your phone and camera. And the condition of the toilet is quite poor. Please make sure you wear enough clothes when you go out for toilet in the night.


The beautiful sunset glow above Everest

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