The Historic Moments of Climbing Mt. Everest 1

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As everyone knows that Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world. For centuries, it has attracted thousands of mountaineers and explorers to climb. But you know, before 1920, it was zero record of climbing Everest due to the lack of technologies. However, people tried their best to break the spell, even sacrificed their precious lives. Here I list some significant moments in the history of conquering this highest mountain to honor the great efforts that our predecessors had made.


the grand Mt. Everest surrounded by clouds


  1. In 1921, a British climbing team which was led by Charles Howard Bury started their Everest Climbing Trip from Tibet Autonomous Region, China for the first time. According to their announcement, they had reached 6,985 meters (22,917 feet) although they failed to cross the top of the North Col. They declared it was a mountaineering of reconnaissance as they didn’t succeed to reach the summit.


  1. In 1922, Gio Bruce led the second British team to climb Mt. Everest from Tibet as well. They crossed the North Col but failed when ascended at 8,225 meters (26,985 feet) because they got 7 team-mates dead.


Mt. Everest and Rongbuk Monastery


  1. In 1924, British men started the third expedition to Everest from Tibet. This time the leader was F Norton. Unfortunately, they were forced to descend at around 8,572 meters (28,124 feet), where was regarded as “the second step of the North Col” because the oxygen was not enough to afford their further climbing. But there were two team-mates, George Mallory and his partner Andrew Sandy Irvine insisted on going up and got no returned.


  1. In 1933, a climbing team formed by 16 British members went toward to Everest from Tibet. With the lead of Beh Lutolegi, it was failed finally but Harries and Weigel found the ice axe that belonged to George Mallory at 8,570 meters (28,117 feet), which proved that Mallory and Irvine were dead there.


  1. In 1934, a British man named Wilson used a light airplane to across Mt. Everest from South (Nepal) to North (Tibet, China) side. But the plane was broken near the Khumbu glacier and he got little injured as well. Afterward, he hired a few Sherpas as guides to help him climb. Unfortunately, he was frozen to death eventually when facing a windstorm at a glacier.


  1. In 1935, captain Shipton led another six British mountaineers to climb Everest from Tibet. But they returned only when reaching 7,000 meters (22,966 feet).


the grand Mt. Everest


  1. Beh Lutolegi took his second chance to launch to Everest from Tibet. But this time was worse than the first time. The team included him, 10 British mountaineers, descended after reaching the top of the North Col, 7,007 meters (22,989 feet) above sea level. (7,007 meters was the old record of the North Col’s elevation in the past, which was altered to 7,050 meters (23,130 feet) in 1975 by Chinese mountaineers team.)


  1. In 1938, Dierman fronted a 7-British-member climbing team and chose the North route to climb Everest. But they were stopped at 8,290 meters (27,199 feet) in the end.


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