How to trek to Everest (part 1)

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Mt. Everest is known as the highest mountain in the world. With the gorgeous scenery and the challenge of climbing, it has a fatal attraction to mountaineers and explorers for centuries. Climbing Everest has not been only a dream for human beings since the 1920s when British adventurers George Mallory and Andrew Sandy Irvine made their official record of reaching 8,570 meters (28,116 feet) upon this mountain. Later in 1953, Zelanian mountaineer Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay finally succeeded in attempting to the summit. Mt. Everest was completely conquered for the first time. Up to nowadays, with development more than 50 years, this mountain is not untouchable anymore. Not only professional mountaineers but also a lay man could get close to it easily. A Trip to Everest is added to the bucket list for more and more tourists. However, for normal travelers, it’s usually to stop at the Everest Base Camp. So, today we are going to talk about the Everest Base Camp Trip, hope to help visitors more or less.


The spectacular Mt. Everest


What can you expect on a trip to Everest Base Camp?


Of course, the breathtaking scenery is the first attractive matter to travelers. Mt. Everest is coving with snow all year round due to the high elevation. It’s only can be felt by yourself when you’re standing in that world of snow and ice. The white is surrounding you, the blue sky is above your head, the whole mountain is glittering under the sunshine with golden color when the weather is good. It’s like you are held by the pure nature so gently, so peacefully. A human being is like an anti when facing powerful nature. You will realize we have to respect nature so we can be well treated by it. The amazing sunset and sunrise are another two highlights of an Everest tour. Forget all the annoyance and just let your body relax in the awe-sparing scenery. It’s redundant even just one word.

Apart from the mentioned sightseeing, there is a bonus of joining a group tour. You can make new friends with some like-minded people when trekking together. It is so interesting to meet different persons from other places in the world but enjoying adventures like you, isn’t it?


The Everest Base Camp under the sunshine


When is the best time of traveling to Everest?


Here, we need to separate the time of visiting Everest and doing Everest Trek. Actually, it’s okay to visit Everest all year round except for March, when is closed for foreigners in Tibet. From April to May, September to October, these are the best time to trek on Everest as the weather is good, the view is clear. From June to August, it’s the monsoon of Everest. It’s not good to trek as there is a lot of rainfall which could make the trekking dangerous. But you can also visit Everest because the summer weather is easier to get you acclimatized with the altitude sickness. From November to February is the winter time in Tibet, and it’s not available for Everest trekking but still okay for visiting. Just remember to wrap yourself warm enough to defend from cold injury.


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