Tips Help You Design a Mt. Everest Tour (Part 2)

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In my previous post, I introduced How to Reach Mt. Everest. Today I am going to tell you some other tips to help you design an Everest Tour.


The summit of Mt. Everest you can see from Everest Base Camp


Where can you stay and how is the accommodation?

Everest Base Camp is located at the elevation of 5,200 meters (17,061 feet). It’s the choice of most travelers and mountaineers from all corner of the world. It’s the largest camp on earth, where the explorers can get the professional supplement. After one-night rest, they will start their feat which may be once in a lifetime – attempting to the summit. For the other tourists, here is the end of Mt. Everest Trip. They can enjoy the different landscape in a world of ice and snow. But since it’s at 5,200 meters above the sea level, you cannot expect a luxury accommodation. The tents that encamped in EBC is usually a large one which can have at most 6-people lived in. Be noticed that there is no shower place there. But if you have a foldable basin, you can put some hot water to wash your face, hands, and feet, to keep them warm. The good news is the electric power is available now in EBC, which means you can have a light on in the tents instead of using candles. Besides, there are two public lavatories in EBC, which are the only permanent constructions there. Well, the environment may not be pleasant, just let you know before you use.

If you want to live in some better place, the guesthouse in Rongbuk Monastery is your second choice. But it’s just a little bit better, don’t expand your expectation too much, even though it’s warmer than EBC indeed.

But what to do if the mentioned two places are not satisfied you either? I think you have to go to Tingri Town which is around 100km away from EBC to stay overnight. There are some 1 or 2-star hotels there. If you must take a shower before sleep and are willing to drop the chance for enjoying the fantastic sunset and sunrise at Mt. Everest.


The tents you can stay overnight at Everest Base Camp


What can you pack for your Trip to Mt. Everest?

I think everybody knows that it’s very chilly at Everest area. Nobody will forget to bring thick clothes to protect themselves. But since it’s also a place with high elevation, I suggest you wear some winter clothes with a lightweight which make you easy to breathe and walk, such as a down jacket. Besides, gloves, hat, and mask are also needed to prevent the harm for your exposed skin. A pair of hiking boots that can warm your feet is important as well.

Due to the strong ultraviolet ray, you have to bring glasses and sun cream. There is no restaurant or store on the mountain, you can bring some high-energy food or tasty snacks. But if you stay overnight in Rongbuk monastery, you can buy noodles from the monks.

If you are afraid of your body conditions, you can also prepare a small oxygen bottle, which your travel agency will bring for tourists in case of some unexpected situation.

At last, as I mentioned before, you may bring a small foldable basin, to make the quality of your trip better.


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