Useful Tips for Everest Base Camp Tours

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With the official record of 8844.43meters (29017 feet), Mt. Everest is regarded as the highest mountain in the world. Have you ever dreamed about standing on the top of it? If this question was asked in the old times, the answers might not be bright as people knew the difficulty to climb Everest. But human beings are strange creatures on earth, they know how to improve themselves. They will find out the methods to kick away the stones in their way forward and make their dreams come true. For successfully reaching the summit of Everest, people had been making great efforts from generation to generation. In 1924, the British mountaineer George Leigh Mallory and his partner Andrew Irvine launched the first time of attempting to the summit in history. From then on, more and more explorers started their Everest climbing trip.

May 29, 1953, was meant to be remembered by history. In this day, Zelanian mountaineer Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay finally reached the summit of Everest and then safely returned. Dreams of standing on the roof of the world turned into reality for the first time. This achievement encouraged the rest mountaineers in the world and Mt. Everest became a touchable dream destination for tourists. But is Everest tour only for the skilled mountaineers? What if you are just a normal person but still long for traveling to the nearest place to heaven? I think Everest Base Camp will give you answers.


the guesthouses at Everest Base Camp for travelers


What is Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp is an area for protecting the core environment of the mountain. It’s located at the altitude of 5200 meters (17060 feet), the linear distance to the summit is 19 kilometers.

There are tents and guesthouses for mountaineers and travelers. Solar Panels are used for lighting in the night. Mountaineers will go for their climbing to the top after a restful night in the camp, thus, it’s the supply base for the Everest adventure, also the biggest one in the world. For the other tourists, here is the end of their Everest tour, where they can spend a night to get close to the highest mountain. The amazing sunset and sunrise are two highlights of the Everest Base Camp Tours.


The beautiful sunrise in Mt. Everest


Are there public facilities in EBC?

Yes, there are two toilets – the only permanent constructions in EBC. Besides, a Chinese post office is set up there, which is also the highest post office in our country. The Monument of 5200 meters above sea level is located 4 kilometers south of the camp, where you can go by eco-bus or trekking. Fortunately, although the natural conditions are so bad, the electric power is available in EBC now. You don’t need to worry about charging your electronic devices.


the view of Everest Base Camp from the distance


When is the most beautiful time in EBC?

April to May is the best time to climb Everest, thus, it’s the most beautiful time for EBC as well. Mountaineers from all over the world come to EBC during this time and encamp their tents around. You can see many world-known brands of tents with different colors dotted in the base camp, which is a striking contrast to the pure white-snowed mountain. This spectacular scene will definitely impress you and stay in your memory forever.

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