Things You can Expect in A Everest Tour from Tibet

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Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is located on the border of China and Nepal. It was known that there are two routes you can climb it, one is the Southern Col route from Nepal, the other is the Northern path from Tibet, China. Usually, the Southern route is more often chosen by professional mountaineers, because it’s steeper than the Northern side, that attracts explorers to challenge themselves. But for the normal people who also yearn for a Mount Everest tour, the northern side provides an opportunity to make their dreams come true. So, what can we expect if we visit Everest from Tibet?


  1. Mount Everest

Of course, the Mount Everest itself is the biggest highlight of an Everest Tour. It is normally recommended visiting for 1 day. The official record of its elevation is 8844.43 meters (29017.2 feet). For centuries, people want to get close to this highest creature on this planet. It’s not only about conquering the world, but also for the devout heart to nature. When standing on the shoulder of Everest, feeling the sky is right over there and so easy to touch by only reach out the arms, you will feel that how small the human being is in the whole universe. Nothing should be worried as it’s useless, all troubles will go away with the winds. The amazing sunset and sunrise on “the Third Pole” will definitely impress you, the only thing you can do is just to let yourself lost in this gender hug from the friendly Everest.


the Mount Everest standing under the sunshine


  1. Rongbuk Monastery

With an altitude of 5,154m, Rongbuk Monastery is the highest monastery on earth. It is a Nyingma monastery which was built in 1899 at the first place and renewed in 1902. With the development of the Tibetan Buddhism, it had more than 10 affiliated monasteries in the past, even some located in Nepal. But now, only 8 remain, including a nunnery. There are statues of Sakyamuni and Padma Sambhava enshrined in the main hall. The numbers of Mani Stones (Stones with Buddhist scriptures written on) are lying outside of the monastery, which mean best wishes for the Tibetan people. Same as the Nagarkot in Nepal, Rongbuk Monastery is the “viewing deck of Everest” in Tibet because it’s the perfect place to appreciate this magnificent mountain from the northern side. In front of the monastery, the Mt. Everest looks like a grand silver pyramid. And if the weather is good, you can see a pile of milky cloud around the summit, like a white flag is waving. This magic scene becomes a wonder called “the highest flag cloud in the world”.


the highest monastery in the world—Rongbuk Monastery


  1. Everest Base Camp (EBC)

EBC is located at the altitude of 5,200m (17060.4 feet). It’s the largest base camp for mountaineers from all over the world who attempt to the summit. There are eco-buses shuttled from Rongbuk Monastery to EBC. Or you can hike up to the base, use your energy to cover the distance of 8 kilometers. The summit of Everest is only 20km above the EBC, so, here is the best place for mountaineers to prepare the further climbing. Besides, the public facilities are much better than the southern side, even the electric power is available here! After a good rest night, the Mountaineers can start their adventure to the summit, while the other visitors could finish their Everest Base Camp Tours and launch to the next destination. April to May is the most suitable time to climb Everest, also the most beautiful time for EBC due to the colorful tents encamped around. The blue sky, the white snow-capped mountain, the colorful tents, do you have a picture in your mind now?


the night sky you can see at the Everest Base Camp

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