Climb Everest from Tibet

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As the highest mountain on earth, Mt. Everest has attracted many mountaineers and explorers to climb. A successful summit becomes a symbol of conquering the world. For reaching this goal, people had made great efforts for decades. Until now, there are two routes you can climb Mt. Everest to the summit, one is the South Col route in Nepal, another is the North path in Tibet. So, there comes a lot of curiosity about “which side of Everest is easier to climb”? Of course, according to the geographical and natural conditions, the Southside is the correct answer to this question. You can also see it from the successful summit numbers through South route. But, for more and more mountaineers who love challenge the most, are inclined to try from the North side in nowadays. Thus, here we introduce some basic information about climbing Everest from Tibet.


In 2014, there were more than 10 teams on the Tibet side and attempted to reach the summit of Everest. Among these groups, the smallest one was formed with only two people, while the largest one was with 19 climbers. By the way, Americans were forbidden to enter Tibet during that time.


standing on the top of Everest means conquering the world


Different Politics

Tibet Autonomous Region is a political sensitive place that there are distinct regulations, especially for foreigners. At first, you need to get a permit which must be applied with the help of a local Tibetan travel agency, which means you have to book a Tibet tour via a local operator in advance. They will arrange the transportation and lodging, you just need to pay attention to your adventure.

The driver will take you to the Chinese Base Camp which is at the literal end of the road near Everest.



There is a climbing school in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. It obeys the management of CTMA, China Tibet Mountaineers Association. The Tibetans who have been trained at the school are the mountain guides to set the ropes. Sherpas can be seen in Tibet as well, but only a few people choose to bring Nepali Sherpa over to Tibet no matter how high the price is for their salaries, food, gear, etc.



The climb schedule is similar to the South. After a few weeks of acclimatization, people start to go up when the weather permits and the ropes are fixed. The weather is a very important matter for climbing. On the North side, it’s colder, windier than on the South. And sometimes there is snow to make it more difficult to climb even with crampons. The rock surfaces are narrow, steep, and slippery. You could easily drop down if there are no ropes. In 1922, there happened an avalanche which killed 7 Sherpa. Some budget climbers didn’t want to use supplemental oxygen also caused a lot of deaths on the North.


An old mountaineer on Everest


Achievements and Deaths

So far, there are 2455 successful summits on the North while 4416 on the South. Total 264 people have died on Everest from 1924 to 2013, 108 from Tibet side and 156 from Nepal. Reinhold Messner from Italy was called as the greatest Mountaineer due to his solo climb on Everest without supplemental oxygen in 1980.

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