10 More Things You Need to Know to Help You Plan A Trip to Everest (3)

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  1. Most Climbs by A Single Person is 21 Times

There are a lot of matters that complete a successful summit of Everest. Besides luck, it requires climbers full with energy, skills, and attitude of sacrifice. Therefore, many of mountaineers consider an Everest climbing trip as an experience once in a lifetime. But it’s an exception for Apa Sherpa, who has kept the record of most climbs on Everest— 21 times. These successful summit cost Apa’s nearly for 40 years which means climbing Everest has become a part of his life. That’s why people also call him as the “Super Sherpa”. Although he was retired since 2012, he is still a legend in the mountaineering association.


  1. The Speed Record Also Set by A Sherpa

It normally takes 3-4 days to reach the top of Everest as climbers follow a series of high camps that set up on the mountain. But Pemba Dorje Sherpa wanted to challenge himself and saw how fast a human being can complete a summit to Everest. Thus, on May 24, 2004, he started his climbing from Base Camp on the South side and went up via the South Col Route. Finally, he finished this clamber within 8 hours and 10 minutes! It’s a new speed record in the world. Piles of mountaineers wanted to break this record but all ended up with failure so far.

People gathering at the Everest Base Camp


  1. Reinhold Messner Renamed Present-day Mountaineering on Everest

In mountaineering history, there is a hero from Italy, his name is Reinhold Messner. He had made a lot of achievements that is second to none. For example, in 1978, Messner and his partner Peter Haebeler climbed Mt. Everest without an oxygen tank. It’s the first time for human being to do it on a peak over 8000 meters. And only two years later, in 1980, Messner went up to the summit of Everest alone. You would never image how hard a solo climb is! But Messner did it! So, people said it’s Messner who renamed present-day mountaineering in Everest, which drew numbers of followers to join in the adventure to the highest mountain on earth.


  1. It’s Possible to Ski on the Mountain

People may get surprised for skiing on Everest. Of course, it’s so bad geography conditions that you would properly die for this. But, we say it still has a chance, as long as you are a world-class skier and alpinist. Although there is no any lift or lodge on the mountain, it has been skied occasional, including the famous descent made by Yuichiro Miura which was dated back to 1970. Based on this event, people filmed a well-known documentary named “The Man Who Skied Down Everest”, which had won the Academy Award. The length that Miura skied is only 8230 meters (27,000 feet), not the full distance from the summit. It was Davorin Karnicar, a Slovenian ski instructor made the first descent from the top of Everest in 2000, which was really a heroic venture that shocked the world. The feat occurred on the South side of Everest and lasted for 5 hours.

The monument of Everest that set up by China Government


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