10 More Things You Need to Know to Help You Plan A Trip to Everest (1)

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Mt. Everest, the world-known highest mountain on earth, is located along the border of Nepal and Tibet. For centuries, it has a fatal attraction to adventurers and climbers, who want to conquer the world by reaching up to the summit of it. So, do you know what effort have people done to this difficult climb? And how to have a successful summit? Let’s learn some basic background information before you start planning your Trip to Everest.

Considering it will be a long article, I’ve decided to cut it into three parts. I’ll be appreciated your patient to read it.

the spectacular Himalaya under the blue sky



  1. What’s the height of Everest?

29,002 feet(8840m) was the first-time height record to Mt. Everest in 1856. It was taken for nearly a century as Everest’s official altitude. Later, it cleared that the height was closer to 29,029 feet(8848m) indeed. However, people doubted the number in 1999 when a team used a GPS to mark the height in 29,035 feet(8850m). Apparently, it didn’t get proved yet. 29,029 feet is still admitted as the authoritative number by both China and Nepal. But they are planning to measure Everest again, and hope this time can get the right height nailed down once and for all by using the precision modernized equipment.


  1. When was the first climbed to the summit of Everest?

This is an official date, May 29, 1953. Zelanian mountaineer Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first two persons to reach the summit and then safely returned. They have an evidence, a photo that was taken by Hillary, of which you can see Tenzing standing on the peak and lifting an ice block, with waving flags around him. But, it is still debatable until today because some people think the first team who conquered the highest mountain should be George Mallory and his partner Andrew Sandy Irvine, two British adventurers who went missing in 1924 during the climbing. Mallory’s remain was found only 800 feet (244m) beneath the summit. Unfortunately, Irvine’s remain was still beyond reach as well as their camera which was believed taken by him.


  1. Mallory and Irvine’s camera is the holy suspense of Everest.

An American expedition went to Everest to search for Mallory and Irvine’s remains in 1999. Some famous mountaineers joined this group, such as Conrad Anker (leader of The North Face climbing team), Jake Norton (founder of Challenge21), and so on. They were hoping to find out the camera which may have the proof of the first summit. And it may solve the top mystery of the mountain. But the result didn’t go as well as they thought, they only discovered the remain of Mallory without a camera. So, it assumed that Irvine was carrying the camera when he met his ultimate fate. There have been many expeditions tried to look for Irvine’s remains over the past few years. It all ended up with nothing so far. If people could not find out where it is, then this will keep being the holiest suspense of Everest forever.


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